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About Us

Ferndale Gardens is conveniently located within short walking distance to the bus stop, and only a few minutes drive to Mortdale Shopping Centre.

Ferndale has been a family run business for over 40 years. In its infancy, Ferndale was a completely different building – much smaller, yet always providing quality aged care. The modern Ferndale was opened in 2009 with the second stage operational from 2010. Although the new Ferndale has transformed how we deliver superior aged care, our priority is always about our residents’ quality of life, ensuring their time with us is fulfilling and engaging.

A message from our CEO, Frank Moschella

“My passion for aged care began many years ago during my time as a care worker in an aged care facility. Over the years I experienced my own parents’ ageing and I recognised the importance of quality trained aged care staff and services. Because of this, I’ve ensured that both the facility and the quality of care we provide is continuously being improved and modernised.

Today, I can say with absolute confidence that I am extremely proud of Ferndale Gardens and its staff; for coming together to create a homely environment for our residents and for being enthusiastic for what I believe is most important – continuous improvement. I realise that my passion for providing superior aged care has only been enhanced as together we strive to sustain our quality of care, love and understanding into the next generation of residents.

I take this opportunity to invite you and your loved ones to visit us at Ferndale and take a tour of our wonderful facility. Enjoy the splendid aroma of freshly brewed coffee from our in-house café as our friendly staff serve you a complimentary coffee and provide you with all the information you require.”

Frank Moschella
Frank Moschella
CEO, Moss Care & Associates Group

Vision and mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading aged care provider, with a focus on best practice care and continuous improvement in providing a home-like environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellence in care to our residents by promoting their wellbeing, providing a thriving living environment and maintaining their health, comfort, dignity and independence.

Our Philosophy of Care

Our aim is to maximise the quality of life for our residents and their families. We focus on the supporting values to guide our actions and decisions on a daily basis. Our “Unit” model of care provides a small community environment for residents. This helps us to build ongoing personal relationships in their own “Unit” and enables residents to form new friendships with other residents. At Ferndale Gardens, we believe in a Person Centered Care approach (health needs and social needs).

Our staff

The staff at Ferndale Gardens are passionate and proud in providing the best of care to our residents. Our staff gets to know each resident and completely understands their individual physical and emotional care needs; they develop a close relationship and treat them as their extended family.

“I have worked at Ferndale Gardens as a registered nurse for almost 17 years. I find working with the elderly in such a caring and warm environment very rewarding. There is great atmosphere and high level teamwork amongst the staff who all share a common goal to provide the highest level care for our residents."

Veilka Balovski
Julie LOW
Registered Nurse at Ferndale Gardens